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FxKart.com brings you an innovative new way to buy foreign exchange online hassle-free, haggle-free

Fair – Fast – Free!

Any frequent traveller will tell you how forex transaction is a tedious and time-consuming process. Multiple phone calls, a whole lot of haggling and more often than not a nagging suspicion whether the rate could have been better elsewhere. FxKart.com solves all these problems. Here’s how.

It’s Fair.

Foreign Currency exchange rates from various forex dealers in your city are sorted and presented to you in a list format, giving you choice to choose your preferred dealer not only on the basis of ‘best rate’ (such a myth!) but also on other factors such as proximity of the outlet to one’s location and option of delivery provided by the dealer. Here’s to the consumer! We understand Fx rates aren’t static. So we asked dealers to supply their live rates real time. Better still, it’s the dealers who will now bid for your Fx requirement in a 5 minute bidding window ensuring you get the best and the most competitive Fx rate. Now this is what we call the ‘best rate’.

It’s Fast.

No running around town looking for the cheapest rates. No more bargaining over the phone. We take the headache out of forex and bring to you the best rates within 5 minutes. It is as simple as typing out your requirement and getting on your screen what you require. As mentioned, rates are in real time and the dealer bidding platform is dynamic as within a 5 minute window a dealer can better the rate making sure you save more. Not Yet Happy? We would love to hear from you on how can we make your platform even better, Feel free to Contact Us.

It’s Free.

FxKart.com neither levies any membership fees nor does it come with any hidden charges. All Fx rates offered by dealers are presented to you in real time ensuring transparency. No kick backs, no favours.

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